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    Originally Posted by AeonsShadow View Post
    Okay so I go that done and beat the game on the good storyline, I have three of the pieces of the ruby of destiny, and I've captured the dragons as well as Ho-Oh....
    Now can SOMEONE tell me:

    A, how to get to the whirl islands, and the town beyond,

    B, if there is ANYHTING I can do in the gento region as all the doors are closed.

    C, if I can do anything about the Keldeo I found which does not react to me,

    And D, if I can do anything with Ilex forest and the island under gento.
    A. You can go to Whirl Islands only after you trigger an event at Mount Krystal, then speak to a person near Silkwind Town.

    B. There's nothing that can be done in Gento, beside getting a RD fragment.

    C. Weird, you should've been able to do "something" with Keldeo if you're already collecting RD fragments.

    D. Ilex Forest is only for Ho-Oh capturing, there's nothing else you can do there. Same goes for that island.