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    Originally Posted by Uzigunner View Post
    Srsly, man the fact that u r using 386 pokemon is swell but the fact that u have no intentions on making them reach their final form like Tangela, Magmar, Electabuzz, Togepi, Rhydon, Kirlia to Gallade, Magneton to Magnezone and Roselia to Roserade and many other pokes to their tertiary form which they have in 4th gen is not fair don't u think. I get the fact that u only wanna use the original 386 pokemon but why would u not want them to reach their final form?
    Because those evolutions are from 4th gen, while he only want to use Pokemon from the first three gen? But even if he want to add them, he can't do it without removing some of the 386 Pokemon already ingame.