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Originally Posted by Winter's Dew View Post
Also ":)"

...It looks sarcastic and extremely rude. XD
^ This. I'm never even sure if the person actually means it, and I get that feeling more often than with any other smiling emote, for some reason !

As for the /shot, I do use it at times, though really not so often at all. But I know people who use stuff like :

"__________ //TRUCK//"
"__________ //BUS//"
"__________ //TRAIN//"
"__________ //PIANO//"
"__________ //WALL//"

...That's really annoying, even though it's mostly french people, but still.
And sometimes what they say isn't even funny enough that they will be....crushed by a...piano ? Rolled over by...a train ?! Ugh...
Then there are those who say "Desu ~", "Kawaiiiiiiiii" abusively etc...

That's about it I think, I'm not 100% sure but yeah. xD
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