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    Kiara Wilson

    Kiara smiled and shook her head as she watched Brown walk off. It seemed he had forgotten the armory was full of ammunition, but oh well. He was already to far gone for her to yell after him. "The moral of this Story Matt is to never ever accept a goblet from anyone in the Dionysus cabin" she said firmly.

    Matt looked at her and nodded. "That's what must have happened to you right?" he asked as the brother and sister stood up.

    "Yes it is Matt" she said back with a small smile. "well looks like no one else is going to show up, so I can help you with your training, then I can take you to the stables, you can meet Aetolos, and who knows maybe one of the Pegasus will connect to you too after all, our father did create horses"

    Matt nodded grabbing his sword. "do I use this or a training sword?"

    Kiara thought for a moment. "use a..." she started when suddenly a loud horn sounded through camp. "Come on Matt, Mr. D must have something to announce to everyone" she said leading her brother and their links back to the center of camp, where Mr. D was standing on a small stage, seeing their other cabin mates already in line, Matt went to his spot and as Cabin Counselor Kiara stood in front of her siblings as they waited for the other campers to show up.

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