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Valorie Ryder - Academy Halls
Sabrina just sort of... drew back ever so slightly at Kiyoko's actions. Exactly whom did this pokemon think it... he was just up and transforming and starting a conversation all willy nilly. It was the equivalent of a flying pig floating into a bar, sitting down beside you, and ordering a drink.

Valorie, meanwhile, didn't really know how to react to this. Frankly, for all she could tell transforming was normal zorua behavior. As Kiyoko went on, Sabrina just sort of gave him a skeptical look. Not only had Kiyoko seemingly forgotten he wasn't human... but it was as if he'd forgotten he was an evil type pokemon as well. First of all, her psychic powers were incapable of helping her here. Second of all, dark types weren't exactly known for being trustworthy. In short, Kiyoko's gambit... didn't really work.

At least not initially. Valorie just sort of watched Mark with a silent, curious look as he passed her, as if wondering what he was doing here to begin with or what he was doing. She /was/ kind of glad he was here though. Also, apparently this boy, Killik, knew Kiyoko? She hoped he wasn't like the last person that had known Kiyoko. Y'know... the rocket spy.

Meanwhile, the rocket spy spoke up before Valorie recovered from what amounted to shock. "...Yes. I'm a ressurected Team Rocket Spy." he said in a mockingly deadpan tone, raising his shoulders in a prolonged shrugging motion. "How'd you know?" Oh snap. He broke out the sarcasm. Game over man!

This frustrated Valorie deeply. This boy, this boy that had just put her through an extremely stressful situation. He was joking now? How inappropriate! "He tried to steal my pokemon! It was in self-defense" she called out in an aggravated tone. The accusation didn't appear to phase the spy. Sabrina appeared to be deep in thought. Whilst Valorie had been throwing accusations, she had been studying the spy's response. She was detecting...nothing. How odd! It was a strange sort of nothing, as if her powers were bouncing right off of him.

"Is that so..." Sabrina said, eyeing the spy for a moment before moving over to Valorie and kneeling down in front of her to see the rather short girl at eye level. "...Is this... your pokemon?" she asked, gesturing briefly towards Kiyoko. Valorie was honestly a tad confused, and still kind of frustrated, but she nodded yes.

It's been a long time since we crossed paths over spcae-time~
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