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    I won't get into much detail about the story, I just need help with my team. The team is as follows;
    Pikachu (He started the team and is therefore the leader, he's also pretty powerful as he's done a lot of training)
    Scyther (He's a powerful fighter with his scythes, is really fast, and he'll be able to fly short distances)
    Castform (She's the member I'm not too sure about having, but her ability to change the weather would be useful to the team)
    Cubone (His bone will be brilliant weapon, as he can hit enemies from a long distance with his Bonemerang attack, or close-range with his Bone Club or Bone Rush)
    Combusken (He's another powerful fighter with a combination of fire and fighting attacks, I also plan on making him knowledgeable about food, including berries and seeds)
    Chikorita (With moves like Aromatherapy and Synthesis, she'll be a great medical help to the team)
    Absol (The ability to predict disasters will make her an important asset to the team, and she'll also be a skilled fighter)
    Metang (I plan making him a good weapons technician, being being able to make weapons and orbs for the team)
    Haunter (His ability to walk through walls will useful, and he'll also be entertaining to the team)

    I might add some more members later, but that's the team at the moment. Anyway, I'm happy with everyone except Castform. A running theme in the team is the potential to be strong, seeing as how all the team's evolutions are extremely powerful (minus Absol and Castform who can't evolve). Absol is powerful anyway, but Castform just isn't strong at all, and she'll stick out from the rest of the team. The only thing that still keeps her in is her weather abilities, which I think would be really useful to the team. So, should I keep Castform, or should I replace her with another Pokemon. Any Pokemon from any generation is fine, apart from Water-Types. I'll probably add a Water-Type to the team later.