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Hi there, Brianna! Welcome to PC. <3 You have the cutest. Avatar. Ever!

But yeah, B/W2 is so very close to being released and I'm just as excited as you are! I'll be getting White 2, also. :D But sadly I've been spoiling some things for myself since it's just so hard to wait, ehe.

But wow, you've got so many interests! That's pretty amazing. I'm mostly a writer and artist, though learning to code in C++ as well as other things has always been a big interest for me, too. Keep it up! n_n You can always post your artwork in our Art & Design section as well as writing in the Fanfiction & Writing sections, if you'd like. I'm sure people would love to see your work. :3

Enjoy yourself here, all right? Hopefully we keep running into each other!

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