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    I would love to have berries back (prob. my favorite part about emerald), I had a lot of fun farming berries, and I would just have 50 of em lyin in my bag all the time, nice to have those on hand ;3

    Tbh... I don't give a damn about eeveelutions.

    A different approach to the story would be nice if GameFreak can pull it off. I would rather stick to the current standard storyline of pokemon games, than have a new one that's horrible.

    One thing I would love is an auto-save feature. I tend to accidently turn off my dsi without saving...kinda like how a few minutes ago I beat the horrid Elesa Gym (took like 30 mins and used about 10 potions) I forgot to save =_= I mean, I don't know if it's even possible but I would love to have an auto-save feature after you beat gyms, or other important things like E4, etc. And this brings me to my next and probably most wanted feature...

    Multiple Save Files Why has gamefreak not done this yet...? I like to replay Pokemon White a lot, so I usually make new save files, but because I am deleting all my saves I'm never gonna actually get that far. And I miss my old Pokes :<
    Especially with the growing popularity of challenges, at least a 2nd save file would be fantastic!

    Well that's my 2 cents.
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