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    Took a little while! But here's my first update:

    Started in New Bark Town, chose Chikorita as temp pokémon
    Went to Mr. Pokémon's house- received unknown egg
    Bumped into "Brandon" on my way back to Prof oak, barely won the battle.
    Gave the unknown egg to Prof Elm
    Received pokéballs from Ethan, used those to catch misc pokémon then traded in 4 eggs (Ledyba, Krabby, Sudowoodo and Eevee)
    Evolved Eevee into a Flareon with a Fire Stone
    Traveled/ trained up Route 30 & 31 to Violet City.
    Traveled up Bellsprout tower, received TM Flash
    Beat Violet gym (Go Sudowoodo!)
    Trained down Route 32, through the Union Cave, past the Slowpoke well (where I saw some shady characters) to Azalea Town
    Talked to Kurt, then proceeded solo down the Slowpoke well, beat TR and save the slowpokes (yay!)
    Leveled Flareon to lvl 15 (learned ember) then took on the Azalea Gym.
    Traveled out to the Ilex Forest, beat "rival" Brandon.
    Helped a boy find his Farfetch'd and traveled through the Ilex forest. (also helping a strange girl in a kimono)
    Trained and battled up route 34, met Ethan and received his number.
    Up to Goldenrod, which is where I am currently.

    Ledyba (F, lvl 15)
    Tackle, Supersonic, Comet Punch, Reflect

    Sudowoodo (F, lvl 15)
    Copycat, Flail, Low Kick, Rock Throw

    Krabby (F, lvl 16)
    Harden, BubbleBeam, ViceGrip, Leer

    Flareon (M, lvl 19)
    Tackle, Tail Whip, Ember, Sand-Attack