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    Originally Posted by Omaeka View Post
    I'm sure it's been asked/speculated before, but why doesn't GameFreak make the ultimate Pokémon game where you start in Kanto, beat the Gyms, beat Team Rocket, beat the Pokémon League and then go to Johto where you beat the Gyms, finish off Team Rocket, beat the League and then go to Hoenn and so on...

    All 649 Pokémon available, every Legendary somewhere in the world (ones such as Mewtwo would be found through side quests that are similar to the anime, with Zapdos etc. being found dormant with no quests), no stupid trade evolution and a level cap of 500 with easier levels and later evolutions.

    Seriously, why hasn't this been made? They could even sell it for a ton of money compared to the single generation games...
    No one would buy it if it were more than just a normal game. They couldn't charge $100 (twice the price) or $150 (three times the price) and have people buy it even though it is has more than 3 times the game elements in it. Also, would they make leveling very slow or would the pokemon get reset to level 5 when you entered a new region. I think this is a good idea, and I would defiantly rather buy this than a new game every few years.