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    VERSION 3.0 is now available in the first post!

    As you might have guessed by my new avatar, I've put my focus into somewhere else this time around. Yep, there's now a patch to change the main character's clothes to what they were in the old days. Don't worry, the female player's sprites have also been changed accordingly, despite not appearing in R/G/B/Y.

    I've also separated the Extras patch into two separate Entei-ties (sorry, bad pun). Now there is an Extras patch, and a new Catch 'em All patch. More details can be found in both the changelog and the first post, but I'll just say that I think you'll all like some of the new custom events.

    And hey, that strange Super Nerd in Fuchisa City now has a purpose thanks to that patch.

    The new poll is asking how I should make Mew and Celebi accessible in the game, as I honestly don't know what to do about them. Be honest and thoughtful with your response!

    What are you waiting for? Go check out the update now!


    • Added the Wardrobe patch.
    • The Extras patch has been separated into two other patches: the new Extras patch, and the Catch 'em All patch.
    • More code cleanup. Now all the patches can be applied in any order you wish.
    GB Player:
    • Swapped out the G/S/C/ evolved jingle with the R/G/B/Y jingle. I'm still keeping the former around in case something else might come to mind.
    • Slowed down the wild Pokémon battle music to its original speed.
    • Changed odd notes in the Cerulean City and Rocket Hideout themes to something more fitting.
    • Made an 8-bit version of the R/S/E Trading music. Apparently it's used for the Chansey Dance in Sevault Canyon.
    • Other various fixes for separate tunes, such as volumes of tracks.
    • Initial release.
    • OW sprites for main characters changed to a more classic style. This required changing a color in the palette to a gray.
    • All main character battle sprites, both front view and backsprites.
    • Opening sprites changed as well.
    • The credits sprites have not been changed. I don't know if I can change those without screwing up the animations. If I can, I'll change them sometime in the future.
    Catch 'em All:
    • Wild Pokémon more properly dispersed.
    • The third starter now has a new event available for it after getting all eight badges and talking to Giovanni afterwards.
    • The fossil Pokémon you don't choose can now be obtained in Fuchsia City. Talk to the new Super Nerd first, then refer to the screenshot for more information.
    • The old woman with the boxes in her house on Seven Island now gives you the Mysticticket.
    • All three roaming legendaries can be caught now. Find the two non-roaming ones in the Altering Cave. Where will they go afterwards? You find out!
    • On a completely unrelated note, Moltres has been relocated back to Victory Road.
    • Implemented Jambo51's new wild Pokémon battle music routine.
    • The Lax Incense and Sea Incense items are no longer obtainable in-game. Read the first post for an explanation why.
    • If I can find a way to evolve trade-evolve Pokémon in the future through some sort of simulation, that'll be the way I go.
    • Farfetch'd now catchable in the wild in the same place as Yellow. Then again, I don't know why anyone would care.
    • Implemented the Pokédex species glitch and roaming legendary IV glitch fixes, as shown by HackMew.
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