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Mark was right. It was Team Rocket. Darn it all why did Team Rocket have to be on the island... why was there a Team Rocket to begin with? They disbanded years ago! Mark didn't want to believe it but he had to. This kind of thing was exactly what Team Rocket would do. The question was why was such a young trainer involved with Team Rocket.... He wasn't even sure if Sabrina was believing Valorie about the whole Zoura issue.

"Valorie wouldn't steal a Pokemon. I know her! It has to belong to her..." Mark said. He wanted to desperately interrogate the spy somehow... but with Sabrina here that would just get him in more trouble... And it wouldn't exactly be to his moral standards... but he really wanted to know what Team Rocket was doing here... more importantly, why they were here. Mark heard another explosion a little later but it sounded fairly far away. He was too occupied supporting Valorie to check it out though...

Trainer Academy RP Pokemon
Snype (Sableye)- Lv. 52- Detect, Shadow Sneak, Will-o-wisp, Low Sweep, Foul Play, Taunt (Ability: Keen Eye)
Commodore (Porygon-Z)- Lv. 55 -Signal beam, Conversion 2, Recover, Tri Attack, Ice Beam, Trick Room (Ability: Trace)
Len (Poliwraith)- Lv. 53- Bubblebeam, Brick Break, Body Slam, Belly Drum, Sleep Talk, Rest (Ability: Water Absorb)
Able (Ninjask)- Lv. 46 - X-Scissor, Slash, Double Team, Protect, Baton Pass, Swords Dance (Ability: Speed Boost)
Kara (Gligar) Lv. 35 Acrobatics, Substitute, Fury Cutter, Knock Off, Slash,Toxic (Ability: Poison Heal)
Xerox (Ditto) Lv. 35 Transform (Ability: Imposter)

(In Box)
Shedinja- Lv. 35 Fury Swipes, Confuse Ray, Sand attack, Leech Life, Mind Reader, Scratch (Ability: Wonder Guard)
Omanyte- Lv. 35 Brine, Mud Shot, Rollout, Ice Beam, Protect, Bite
(Ability: Swift Swim)
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