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    I honestly think Pokemon has gotten better over the years. Of course I'm basing this all off the games, idk how the anime sorts out, but over the years the complexity level has really risen. Whether it be with the designs of the Pokemon or the mechanics of the game, everything keeps evolving (pun intended haha). But I do think the more you expand, the more creative you're going to have to get. All the original concepts like Dragonite, are, for the most part, used up, so the designers are going have to be innovative in their concepts. And I'm just fine with that. With the legendaries being implemented into the plot, I think just facing the gyms and Elite 4 would be a rather repetitive process, although still enjoyable. But mixing in a good plot adds diversity to each generation. It all comes down to changing it up in my opinion. Sure we'd all love Pokemon even if it were the same every generation, but I think it's the new innovations that keep us intrigued.
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