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    Ohh Syd, that was a double post! And yeah, I did it on my third try, since I lucked out with some misses from Sonicboom before. I now arrived at the league, without losing to any gym leaders. Norman was taken down by Vigoroth, using Yawn and Slack off constantly while using Fury Swipes for damage. Winona was taken down by Kecleons Boltbeam combo, while tate and Liza couldn't withstand Linoone's Shadow ball and Zangoose's Fury Cutter.

    Pre-league team:

    -Fire Blast

    -Steel Wing
    -Secret Power
    -Double Team

    -Aerial Ace
    -Brick Break
    -Swords Dance

    -Shadow Ball
    -Tail Whip


    -Ice Beam

    Win:Loss ratio: 7-1

    It doesn't even matter if I win against the E4 first time, I still win the total games . Time for the Elite Four now. I just dashed in without realising I can only use three items per battle. I will probably lose my first try. And since I can't save inbetween... O_O Oh well, if I lose I can grind and I will still have beaten the challenge with a 7-6 score!

    I beat Sidney with a swords dance/Brick break Zangoose sweep, so the score is at 8-1!
    Then I beat Phoebe with a miracle! Swellows Focus band activated TWICE in a row against Dusclops' Ice Beam, allowing for the KO. It even got frozen and defrost immediatly. 9-1
    I thought glacia would become a real challenge, but once again Swords Dance and Brick break saved the day, KOing everything in one hit, except for Walrein, which was taken down with a Thunderbolt from Kecleon. 10-1
    After that, Drake got swept by Kecleon's Ice beam and Exploud's Blizzard. With no troubles at all. So for I used only one item during battle, one Hyper potion for Zangoose. 11-1

    But do I really need to do the whole Elite Four over if I fail the last battle? :x

    Battle log against Steven:
    Skarmory VS Kecleon:
    Kecleon uses Thunderbolt, while Skarmory using Toxic. Repeat using Thunderbolt, while Skarmory sets up Spikes. Skarmory dies to Thunderbolt, while Kecleon dies to poison.

    Claydol VS Linoone:
    Linoone uses Double team, Claydol uses Earthquake. (2x)
    Linoone got healed by a Max Potion, Claydol misses.
    Linoone keeps using Shadow ball, while Claydol hits 2 Earthquakes in total and puts up Reflect, leaving Linoone at 1 HP.
    Claydol dies to Shadow ball.

    Aggron VS Linoone:
    Linoone uses Tail Whip, Aggron hits with Thunder.

    Aggron VS Slaking:
    Both Pokemon use Earthquake, Aggron lives because of the Reflect Claydol put up. Then Slaking slacks off, while Aggron hits Thunder. Slaking then kills Aggron with earthquake.

    Cradily VS Slaking
    Switch to Swellow.

    Cradily VS Swellow
    Swellow uses Steel wing, Cradily kills with Ancientpower.

    Cradily VS Exploud
    Exploud misses Blizzard, Cradily does a lot of damage with Sludge bomb. Use a Full restore on Exploud, while Cradily uses Ancientpower. Another Blizzard takes Cradily into the red health, Exploud gets confused by Confuse Ray. Steven uses Full restore, Exploud hurt itself. Exploud then misses another Blizzard, Cradily hits Giga drain. Then Exploud hits his last Blizzard, while Cradily KOs using Ancientpower.

    Cradily VS Zangoose
    Zangoose uses Swords Dance, Cradily hits with Giga drain. Zangoose then gets a critical hit Brick break, which finishes of Cradily.

    Armaldo VS Zangoose
    Zangoose uses Brick breake, then dies to Ancientpower.

    Armaldo VS Slaking
    Slaking uses Swagger, but everything fails and Armaldo KOs with Ancientpower.

    I lost. I saved just before Steven, but if I need to do the whole Elite four again, just tell me, I'll do it somewhere next week, after I grinded to level 65 or so. If I can restart just before Steven, I will use my 4 Rare Candies, then try again until I make it.

    Final score: 11-2