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can I have Pokepuff? I'll be nice!
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Horrible selection on my first run, was going to redo it, but decided to stay with the first selection of Pokemon that come up.....

1. The Pokemon you're going to be tomorrow - #541 - Swadloon [no where near my top 400 favorites]
2. Your Pokemon Parents - #75 - Graveler [wow, not too bad, my parents Rock!]
3. Your Girl/Boy Friend - #264 - Linoone [Mustelid-like PokeFriend not bad]
4. Your Rival - #418 - Buizel [I like Buizel, one of the many non-cat Pokemon I like - can we work out a Peace Treaty?]
5. Your Best Friend - #14 - Kakuna [I will wait until my best friend evolves]
6. Your Pet - #415 - Combee [I will be looking at the PokeAdoption centers for other PokePets to adopt]
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