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    I have pokemon HGSS and I am finally getting back my Platinum from my nephew.
    I am currently trying to complete my pokedex in SS. I have never caught them all and I want to reach that small childhood dream.

    I have black but I can't get into it. I got tired of only being able to take two steps before someone wants to battle me then I have either go back to the pokemon centre or use potions. Even when my pokemon got strong enough to kill off each trainer's pokemon with one hit I, it often got to the point where I just wanted to scream. Sometimes I just want to walk or move on ... physically and story wise.

    Also I just can't take the new pokemon seriously. That one with a pig nose and one tooth is just an embarrassment from the game developers.

    So no, I have not moved on. I am still an hard-core Gen IV player and doubt I will move on any time soon.
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