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    Originally Posted by surfer treecko
    @shinyabsol1: When you say you retried a bunch of times, what do you mean?
    I mean that I tried re-sizing again on backups of my rom until it finally didn't crash when I warped to the map.

    Originally Posted by surfer treecko
    @Crystal Static: It seems to be house interiors and dungeons that break when I resize them.
    hmm, you're does seem to only be interiors and dungeons. But what about Viridian forest? Does that map crash for you when making it bigger?

    Originally Posted by CrystalStatic
    Oh! I think I might know why now. This happened to me a little while ago, but wasn't really a re-sizing problem. When you edit the house interiors, do you use the "grosser block" at all? (The copy and paste function)
    I didn't use the grosser block on any of my maps...