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    I don't usually mind abbreviations/initialisms much if they're just being used in conversation as opposed to more formal writing. Or many smilies. If it aids expression (in the case of the latter) and I know what's meant (in the case of both) then it usually doesn't bother me. I also will occasionally use a stroke followed by a phrase as a sidenote, as if doing a /me command in IRC. But... I don't like excessive tildes, cutesy Japanese (from anyone but especially those just appropriating for no reason), and the smilies :V and :L and anything with = being the eyes. Also YOLO is stupid and overused as a phrase but nice as a concept. And I'm sure if I sat here and thought about it I'd remember more things that I dislike but I really can't be bothered.

    Oh and I should say now that yes, I know I've been guilty of using many of what I have mentioned. Only I've grown up a bit and realized it's all pretty annoying.

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