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    Hi, I am sort of new to roleplaying. I would like to join this roleplay. I am wondering if I could also get a quick summary of what happened so far in the roleplay. Thank you in advance. Here is my sign up:


    Name: James Preston Rybak
    Nicknames: Jay, Little Blue Jay, Jay Jay
    Age: 14 years old
    Sex: male
    Dorm: Raikou Dorm

    Appearance: Jay stands at a height of 5 feet, and 4 inches. His weight is about 99.9 pounds. Jay has a slender, skinny, slightly muscular, and short physique. His skin is of an olive peach colorization, and his hair is a dark ash blond. Jay’s hair reaches to halfway his neck, has bangs, and is a medium straight with slight waves. His eye color is a light blue with tiny specks of light brown. Jay has eyebrows that are of two rounded arches with the eyebrow hairs the same color as his hair. He has an oval face shape, and a round hairline. Jay often wears a scarlet t-shirt with a white shirt underneath, and sky blue jeans. His sneakers are red and white. He usually carries a sky blue and light brown messenger bag.

    Personality: Jay is idealistic, reflective, kind, friendly, and quiet. He is interested in serving the world, and believes in his values. Jay is laid-back and adaptable unless something threaten his values. Jay often says thank you, please, sorry, and other polite words when possible. He dislikes the use of swear words. Jay likes to help people and pokemon with good intentions.

    Jay is a polymath at art, science, and athletics, but Jay thinks he is a jack of all trades at art, science, and athletics, even though people are amazed by his work. Jay tends to be a perfectionist at his trades. He is jealous and envious of people who are better than him at his talents, and would compare himself with other people. Jay usually keeps his envy and jealousy bottled up within him until it releases upon himself. Jay would often feel that his work is not good enough or perfect. Jay has a low self-esteem, and is harsh on himself. He is not confident in his work. Jay has difficulty making new friends because he is too introverted and does not have the confidence to walk up and ask a person to be his friend.

    History: Jay was born in Cherrygrove City in Johto to a fisherman and a bird pokemon breeder. Throughout his life, Jay was often surrounded by bird pokemon at home due to the fact that his mother is a bird breeder. The bird pokemon Jay was closest to and bonded with were a pidgey named Samuel, a starly named Nalafari, and a swablu named Emil.

    Jay dreams of mastering all of his talents in order to inspire others. Jay started creating art at the age of five years when he saw Emil painting with her wings using crushed berries. Jay became interested in science at the age of seven years when he found a book about pokemon and science. Jay’s father would often encourage Jay to exercise daily so that his son would be fit and healthy.

    At the age of fourteen years on his birthday, Jay became a pokemon trainer.Before Jay became a pokemon trainer, he was a cashier at Cherrygrove’s pokemart. Jay became a pokemon trainer out of curiosity of what is being a pokemon trainer is like. He had journeyed through Johto several weeks after becoming a pokemon trainer. While at a pokecenter, Jay saw a pamphlet about the Pokemon Trainer Academy on a shelf of pamphlets. He decided to go to the academy to learn more about being a pokemon trainer.


    Species: Pidgey
    Name: Samuel
    Nickname: Sam

    Personality: Samuel is an independent, analytical, practical, intelligent pidgey. Sam highly values intelligence, organization, following the rules when needed, and competence. Sam is a natural leader, and he would only follow someone else if the person or pokemon if he trusts them enough to be a leader. The pidgey often plans what to do, and turn theories into plans. Samuel would observe his surroundings and situation to solve a problem. Sam is interested in science, and likes to do experiments to test his hypothesis. He would observe pokemon and people who he finds interesting. Samuel sees the world as a world full of problems to solve. Sam is unwilling to accept blame, and is not good at expressing his feelings. Sam could be a bit insensitive to others. He dislikes not being useful enough, and not having the knowledge of certain things. Samuel has not evolved into a pidgeotto yet because he made a promise with Nals and Emi to evolve together. If Samuel had a MBTI type, he would be an INTJ. Sam represents the scientific side of Jay.

    Lvl: 20
    Moves: Fly, Roost, Steel Wing, Heat Wave, Pursuit, and Return

    Species: Starly
    Name: Nalafari
    Nickname: Nals

    Personality: Nalafari is action-orientated and adaptable in most situations. He is focused on quick results. Nals considers his life to be fast-paced, and is a dare-devil. He doesn’t care about theories and introspection. His decision-making process contains barely any empathy unless it is important. He makes decisions based on facts and logic. The starly is fun-loving and spontaneous. Nalafari loves playing pranks on others. Sometimes, his pranks get him into trouble. Nals doesn’t care about the law or rules if they get in the way of what the starly likes to do. Nalafari is very athletic and loves to race and fly. Sometimes, Nals would brag about being athletic. Even though Nals has a naughty nature, he is very loyal to his peers who are close to him. Nals gets bored easily, and prefers action. He may accidentally hurt someone when he uses insensitive language. Nalafari has not evolved into a staravia yet because he made a promise to Sam and Emi to evolve together. If Nalafari had a MBTI type, he would be an ESTP. Nals represents the athletic side of Jay.

    Lvl: 25
    Moves: Fly, Roost, Brave Bird, Thief, Tailwind, and Double Edge

    Species: Swablu
    Name: Emil
    Nickname: Emi

    Personality: Emil is a sensitive, shy, quiet, kind swablu. Emi hates conflict, and often tries to avoid conflict by being neutral. Emil is a loyal, faithful friend to her peers. She is very sympathetic to others, and appreciates the beauty of others. The swablu is very flexible and open-minded to others. She has very deep moral values, and tries her best to follow these values. Emi is reserved and hard to know well. Sometimes, Emil would hold back her opinions in order to not upset anyone. She is original and independent, and needs her personal space when necessary. Emi is very perceptive to other people, and tries to figure out what it means. Emi tends to be in tune with her senses. Emi is difficult to get angry, but when she gets angry, she gets really angry. She likes to create things that are strong to the senses such as using art and singing. Emi has the ability to inspire others with her art, but she does not realize it. If Emil had a MBTI type, she would be an ISFP. Emi represents the artistic side of Jay.

    Lvl: 23
    Moves: Fly, Roost, Dragon Rush, Sing, Protect, Safeguard