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    The explosion, thou kinda far away, shook Shawn and Zapper to attention. Not caring what the result would be, Shawn quickly ran towards where he heard the explosion. "Zapper, fly ahead of me and see what happened," he said, a little louder than he meant to. Zapper, not questioning his judgment, flew off his shoulder towards the sound.

    Soon, Zapper found the empty lot where a battle or attack took place. Either way, two people were getting up off the ground, the Pokemon they were using were apparently knocked out. Zapper flew overhead, glowing a little. That was a signal that Shawn and her understood that showed him where she was.

    Soon after, Shawn came on the scene, looking between the two trainers. He first talked to the little boy, who seemed ok. A little hard of hearing, but fine otherwise, the boy seemed more interested in healing his Pokemon. He then moved to the girl, who seemed unsure of what happened. He nodded and smiled, showing he was friendly. "Are you ok?" he asked, concern in his voice.

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