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Originally Posted by XanderO View Post
If the image is from another source and not created from scratch, then the original owner should also be infracted as they stole the content to make the gif or avatar image. So anyone using say Marlon's VS sprite like the Seven members during B2W2's Japanese release (who all had the same signatures as well.) should have been infracted. I'd have to be for editing a sprite made by nintendo. If your Gif. is from a TV show or taken from any other source that isn't you doing that dance, you technically stole content that wasn't yours to use for your own personal use.

Bobandbill stole the Wes dance sprite if its from Earthbound/Mother or who ever created it, if he didn't make it himself.

Everyone using official music video gifs of Gangnam Style stole content from the video.

By copyright laws and regulations we are all stealing if we don't make every last detail from scratch.

Theft should ONLY be considered if there is actual theft and not when two people have identical or the same Avatar/Signature

Which this honestly does look like. Especially since when this was done to Hikari nothing was done to the person "stealing" from her.
This is the exact point I wanted to make, but you worded it much better than I would have. :/
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