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Spark went out to explore the city, ignoring the question that Aria asked (as she had already answered Spark's question) and feeling the need to see this new city. She ran around the city, astonished by all of the other kids. Her new friend Kalie struggling to keep up, she snaked through the buildings.

After she thought she had explored every possible spot, she saw a boy laying against a tree looking ever so melancholy. As if he had a guilty past, Spark stopped abruptly and Kalie just slowed down to a halt completely out of breath. "Whats the matter Spark?" She rasped.

"That boy," She pointed to him, "He looks so sad and is holding a book."

"Yea I suppose he is, but we shouldn't leave the safety of Aria, she might be worried."

"Oh she'll be fine, I mean she is so strong she stops the lightning girl." Spark said, proud of her sister. "Let's go see what is wrong with him, maybe we can make him happy!" She whispered her plan into the little girl's ear. "Okay?"

"Yeah let's do it!" They crept up behind the tree, acting like they were going somewhere else, then Spark showed a silent count down from three on her fingers. Then they jumped out from behind his tree, standing just before the boy dancing. "We know you're Sad but this dance should make you glad!" They chanted in hopes of raising his spirits.
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