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    Tetsu was horribly startled as the two other kids burst out in front of him and broke into dance, his thoughts on pokemon ceasing entirely. Nearly dropping the old journal, he quickly caught himself and took a moment to gather his senses. Feeling the cheerfulness radiating off of the girls, he then closed the book and began to smile, his ralts-like instincts kicking in.

    "Sad....? I'm not sad!" He blurted, pulling himself onto his feet. Walking up to the two of them, he decided to go about with his introductions, a rather hyper tone flowing off of his voice. "I'm Tetsu", he stated gleefully, and when feeling a surge of irritation coming from his partner, he quickly added "......And my Pokespirit's Ralts!"

    Without even waiting for their names, he quickly took the journal and shoved it into their faces, beaming. "I was just reading my great grandfather's book and thinking about pokemon!"

    Still, not even awaiting so much as a response from the two ladies, he pulled the book back and quickly began flipping through the pages, looking carefully for one in particular. Spotting it, he turned the book around and revealed to them the sketch of a small pokemon. Below the picture was a label that read 'Ralts'. "See? That's Ralts!", he erupted, massive amounts of energy simply radiating from him.

    At this, he then silenced himself, allowing the awkward pause to roll in as he awaited their reaction.
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