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    Exception: RuntimeError
    Message: Undefined Trainer constant name: CAMPER
    Name must consist only of letters, numbers, and
    underscores and can't begin with a number.
    In addition, the name must be defined
    in trainertypes.txt.
    File PBS/trainers.txt, line 1
    Compiler:928:in `pbGetConst'
    Compiler:970:in `parseTrainer'
    Compiler:1382:in `pbCompileTrainers'
    Compiler:1380:in `loop'
    Compiler:1474:in `pbCompileTrainers'
    Compiler:4052:in `pbCompileAllData'
    I get this whenever I try to edit trainers.txt through notepad directly, and yes, I have CAMPER defined, so the solution isn't obious. That is an old essentials bug I guess... For some reason whenever the engine needs to compile the edited .txt it thinks something went wrong, I've searched the entire Compiler script for something but it just doesn't work...
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