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    Originally Posted by AdrianD View Post
    Its price is $2.99 USD on 3DS I dk about anyone else but Id thought it be at least 5 maybe 8 bucks. I found it to be a great surprise. Would you guys get it? I think I will next check.
    I put $20.00 on my 3DS back in July, 'cause I had a feeling both apps would be roughly equivalent to the Japanese prices. But, I already bought the Dream Radar, I was surprised it was up at 12 AM exactly. It cost $3.18 at the end, there was the initial $2.99 and then a tax.

    I was surprised, just for the hell of it. I put my Japanese Black 2 into my 3DS and wanted to see if I could send things from the English Dream Radar to the Japanese Black 2, it worked surprisingly, despite the region lock on the 3DS. So, the Munna and Revive I had both got sent to the Japanese game and Munna became Japanese.
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