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Originally Posted by Livewire View Post

Keeping immature and unseasoned teenagers off the roads where they can't hurt themselves or others isn't a good reason?
Honestly, if someone wants to drive like an idiot then the age that they get their drivers license is not going to stop them. Most kids aren't really hooligans, they just succumb to peer pressure from their mates. Especially in Aus, raising the limit to 18 would be the stupidest thing the Government could do. You can legally buy alcohol at 18 here, so they would be giving someone their license for the first time at the same age that they can legally purchase alcohol. That's the crappest idea to reduce road accidents I've ever heard.

Like I said, just because someone is 2 years older doesn't mean they'll be any less road smart. If they want to make people better drivers they should increase the hours they have to drive before getting their full license rather than the age they can start.
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