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    At those words, Shawn nodded, breathing a sigh of relief. "So long as you're ok...What happened here?" He had no idea what to say or do at this point until Zapper glided towards them with a kind of hat in her paws. She let the hat fall in front of them, but Shawn caught it before it hit the ground.

    He looked at the hat, then back at this young lady. He could tell by her words that she must have come from priviledged family. Offering her the hat, which he thought must've been hers, he bowed slightly. "Forgive me for my lack of manners. I should introduce myself. I'm Shawn, and this," pointing to the Emolga now resting on his shoulder, "is Zapper. I just arrived and not sure if there's a place to sign in or something. Would it be possible to ask for your help?" He wasn't sure if she would; after all, he was only a commoner.

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