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As with Boundaries Crossed being released in a month i'll be posting some deck lists of decks I think would be viable. While most people are looking at Blastoise/Keldeo & Vileplume I was mainly looking at Wartortle This is a fun deck list I made:


4x Wartortle

4x Squirtle

2x Victini

2x Blastoise

2x Durant (Dragons Exalted)

2x Sabelye

2-4x ? Aerodactyl?


4x Giant Cape

4x Potion

2x Professor Juniper

2x N

4x Cheren

2x Super Rod

2x EXP. Share

4x Eviolite

4x Plus Power

2x ?Twist Mountain?

10x Water Energy

Please rate this deck list, and have a nice day!

Credits: XxXRy0MaEcHiZenXxX
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