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I think the franchise has got better throughout the years in terms of gameplay, design of pokemon, story, and features the have provided.

I think when it comes to enjoyment it is a matter of what your perspective is. Personally I enjoy Sinnoh games more then others, but that doesn't mean I don't like what comes along with Unova or do I rate it above any others.

What are your thoughts on the pokemon franchise? Has it gotten better over the years or worse? Personally, I think the pokemon franchise has gotten worse, and it starts with the pokemon themselves. Many people say that the new pokemon aren't original enough, but I actually have a completely different view. I personally think the pokemon are too original. I know this is not a popular view, but that's what I think. Was growlithe (a dog who breathes fire) original? NO. Did we love him? YES. Was dragonite (a steryotypical dragon) original? NO. Did we love him? YES. They were very simplistic and "cute" looking. Now, is kyrueum (a "mythical" looking dragon with ice powers) creative? YES. Do we like him? NO. He's "too" creative. Too many jagged lines and too complex looking. Do you agree with this?
This is always a subjective thing from person to person on the matter of designs. I don't even like designs within the same generations, but that doesn't mean that they were better then or worse now. I like Kyurem so like I said you can't speak for everyone. Kyurem design is supposed to be like that as he is the shell of the original Dragon of the Unova region.

Second, the story line. I know people want a more complex story line in the games, but isn't that what we got in black and white? The story line wasn't entirely different, but it was definitely more complex than red and blue. Yet, people still don't like it. What do you people want?? I personally think that pokemon should go back to the less complex storyline that got people involved in the first place. The best part about those storylines was that they DIDN'T have legendary pokemon as part of the main plot line. Starting in generation 3, with the exception of the remakes, all of the storylines have revolved around legendary pokemon. Groudon/kyogre in ruby and sapphire, rayquaza in emerald, dialga/palkia and uxie/mesprit/the other pixie pokemon and giranitia in diamond, pearl, and platinum, and then the new dragons in black and white. What happened to the legendaries not needing to be captured or fought or interacted with? Mewtwo, the 3 birds, lugia, ho-oh, and the 3 dogs didn't need any interaction to complete the story line, and were more of an adventure than a chore to have to defend them from the bad team.
I think people more dislike the linearness of the path you have to take rather than the story of N & Plasma. I don't really see how a less complex storyline would people into it, if anything I'd think people would actually appreciate that the franchise is actually putting effort into a storyline instead of saying go catch em all, beat the bad team cause they steal and abuse pokemon, beat gym leaders, beat the Elite 4 & Champ, Done now your the best. With Legendaries they are important to their region and the syndicates that you faced based their plans around harnessing their powers for their evil deeds. And even when this started in Gen III it seems bland, I mean expanding the Land or Sea? Yeah...

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