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Ok Starting Fire Red
Named myself Red
Named Rival Green
Wrote State
Reloaded until I got a male Charmander with a Docile nature (I prefer having non-biased stats)
Named Charmander CHARLO
Beat Green's Squirtle
Did the whole Pokedex thing
caught a Spearow and a Rattata (to trade and Hm slave)
Did Viridian Forest
Beat Brock with level 13 CHARLO with Metal Claw
Did the bit to Mt. Moon
CHARLO level 15
Went into Mt. Moon caught a **** ton of Paras'
Got the one with a Rash nature.
Called Parlo
Used one of them as a HM slave.
Went back to Viridian went to the start of the Victory Road thing and EV trained my Pokemon in Speed and Attack
CHARLO now 16
PARLO now 15
Beat Green
Went back to Mt. Moon.