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    Olivia Jane Niwri

    A feeling of uselessness overcame Olivia. It was a difficult feeling for her to define. She was neither a doctor nor an engineer, not a marine nor a scout. She was simply a lost, stranded Zoologist. Nothing in her training had prepared her for such an experience before. Everything for the most part had always gone smoothly on her expeditions. Granted, she had some survival training, but nothing that even came close in comparison to this.

    Olivia simply nodded her head in response to the Doctor’s rather curt and terse apology. Yes, she understood “Stress”. It had a way of making people act in ways completely polar to their normal inclinations. It had a way of making good men do bad, but it also had a way of spurring greatness in those who didn’t even know they had it in them. The Doctor grabbed his medkit and made his way back outside, most likely to tend to the less fortunate. She made a note to ask his help later, whatever that pain on her side was, she wanted to make sure it wasn’t serious and she was woefully ill-equipped to diagnose herself.

    The foam covered giant began to issue orders in her direction. Rather than argue with him at this time, she decided to comply. However he ended up issuing orders to others, she didn’t know, but at least some of them made sense. She turned her attention to the cargo, ensuring that most of it was undamaged or at the very least salvageable. It all seemed to be in relative order.

    She paved her way beck through the innards of the ship, and forced herself back out to the wild world. The survivors having been ushered out by the doctor and laying about. “Hey Doctor!” Her voice called out. “Anything I can do to help ease the pain for some of these people? Morphine? Anything?” She waited anxiously for his response, her weight shifting from one leg to the other in waiting.

    It was then that something else crept through her mind. She may not know much about medicine, or engineering, but what she did know, was animals. If they were still exposed here in the empty plains come nightfall, they might have a new issue. Predators.
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