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@Danaxe: Alright... I'm afraid I can't approve this. For starters, your character does not seem to have actual personality flaws to speak of... At least, not the way you've written him. o3o

The history doesn't describe much. You catch a bunch of pokemon, but little to no detail is given. In fact...
where a lone zangoose found it's way into one of azur's pokeball
...What just happened? o3o I'm not sure, but one does not simply 'catch' a pokemon without trying. Not unless you're Arceus incarnate, or Pokemon's local archaelogist playboy philanthropist daughter of god Cynthia.

Lastly... there's just a great deal of errors scattered throughout the app. It doesn't feel like you... really tried. Spellcheck, or simply remembering to capitalize the beginning of a sentence would probably help immensely. Heck. I'd recommend after the deadline if you need an easy to use spellcheck that just integrates with your browser.

@SummerSkies: Your SU looks great~ I really like how you were far from full-offensive with your team strategy. Swablu's moveset is especially pleasing. You're accepted. c:

@OrangeNess: Mmm... Alright. I'll say this. What you /have/ isn't all that bad. The only issue being... it's very short! o3o Could you expand on the history and personality sections? Also, you may want to run it through a spellchecker while you're at it, just to make sure that doesn't become another issue that needs solving.

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