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    -What wrestling business do you watch most? TNA

    -Who is your favorite wrestler?
    Of all time, it has to be Ultimo Dragon. He held something like 10 titles at once, and was pleased when I saw him in WWE. He just wasn't utilized enough and should have been kept on. I saw him in WCW also. Currently, my favorite wrestler is now AJ Styles.

    -What is your favorite finisher (include the person(s) who uses it!)
    Asai DDT (Ultimo Dragon)
    Somersault Cutter aka Diamond Dust (Layla, Masato Tanaka)
    Egyptian Conniption (Amasis)
    Crippler Crossface (Chris Benoit)
    Coquina Clutch (Samoa Joe)
    Batista Bite (Batista)
    -Favorite match?
    This is going a long way back, and it was the match between Razor Ramon vs The Kid. I still see it as the biggest upset match, because The Kid didn't need any help to beat Razor, only a moonsault did it. The Kid went in that ring as a nobody, then came out as a somebody. The Kid -> 1-2-3 Kid.


    I'm really liking the Aces & Eights angle on TNA, since coming back to watch it in early July. I actually hope they win at the next PPV (sure it is Bound for Glory). Since Joseph Park has been trying to get evidence from Aces & Eights, I think it's a ruse and I think he is playing Hogan for a fool. I honestly think Park is part of Aces & Eights.

    Hogan "signed" something before getting maced, so I wonder if there is something else that is on the line in the match.

    I'm really liking the fact that Austin Aries is the TNA World Heavyweight Champion, and I hope he beats Jeff Hardy. I would have preferred Aries to face Bully Ray instead.