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James "Jay" Rybak


Uggg….my head hurts, it’s probably my dad yelling at me. Maybe he will leave me alone if I ask him to let me sleep for five more minutes. It’s the fricken early morning, and there is barely any light. So I asked him with my sleepy voice, “Daaaad…five more minutes please…” In response I felt cold water poured onto my face. That was the point where I finally was one hundred percent awake. I felt annoyed at my father and yelled at him, “What was that for!”

My father chuckled and said, “Jay, do you remember what today is?”

Then, I just realized it, today was going to be my first day at the Pokemon Trainer Academy. This thought made me excited. I first discovered what the Pokemon Trainer Academy is when I picked up a pamphlet at a pokemart. Out of the want to meet new friends and curiosity of what the academy was, I decided to sign up for the academy. I am excited to learn more about being a pokemon trainer. I didn’t have a lot of friends. Will I meet some new friends? What would I learn there? Will my pokemon like it there? I felt so giddy that I exclaimed as I hugged my dad,”Thanks dad! I’m really excited to go to the academy!”

My father told me,”Alright son, go brush your teeth and shower, pack up your stuff, and breakfast’s downstairs at the kitchen.”

And so, I went to the bathroom to take a shower while brushing my teeth. After I got that done, I changed into my casual clothes: ared t-shirt with a white shirt underneath, my blue jeans, and my red and white sneakers. I quickly packed up my stuff into my blue and brown messenger bag which contains my toiletries, my blue watch, my sketch book, a pencil, my art supplies, my pokemon science book, my notebook, some water, some berries packed into a smaller bag, my pajamas, and some clothes. I lifted my messenger bag up,and wore it on my right shoulder. I went down the stairs to the kitchen to find a plate of scrambled eggs and a glass of milk on the kitchen table. I sat at the chair at the table to eat my breakfast.

The door to the living room next to the kitchen opened to reveal my mom. Her face was in a smile, a happy smile. She walked over to me,and said as she ruffled my hair,” Good morning Jay, I bet you’re excited to go to the academy with that cheeky face of yours.”

“Ughhh…mom, don’t ruffle my hair, and yep I am excited to go the academy.”

“Alright, Samuel, Nalafari, and Emil are waiting for you at the indoor aviary. After finishing your breakfast, I’ll drive you and yourpokemon to Olivine City to catch the boat.”

“Thanks mom!” I replied. After I finished my breakfast and put the dish and the glass in the sink, I went to the indoor aviary. My mother is a bird pokemon breeder, so that is why we have aviaries at our house. The chirping of bird pokemon could be heard. The indoor aviary was a large room. It had to be large enough for the bird pokemon to stretch their wings and fly.There were many different kinds of bird pokemon there ranging from the ancient archen to the dark honchkrow and even to the fire-type torchic. There were many perches varying from the corners of the avariy to the top of the aviary, and back down to the bottom of the aviary. Husks of seeds and sawdust lay on the ground to make the ground soft. Several nesting boxes were on the left side of the aviary. Bird feeders and water containers were on the right side of the aviary.On a perch on the right left corner were a pidgey, a starly, and a swablu. The starly seemed to be quarrelling about something, the pidgey stood there with a stoic face, and the swablu was fluffed up and next to the pidgey.

I whistled to the pidgey, the starly, and the swablu to come over to me. The starly was the first one to arrive, and perched on top of my head like he was the king of the world. The swablu arrived next to perch on my left arm, and the pidgey flew onto my right shoulder. I brought them to their travel cage, and closed the door after the bird pokemon went into the cage. I lifted the travel cage and my messenger bag to my mother, who was at the living room.

“Mom, I’m ready to go to the academy,” I said.

“Okay, let’s go to the car,” my mom said in response. My mother and I, along with my pokemon, went outside to the car. There was a fresh breeze in the air with the scent of sea salt and cheri berry flowers. The sun was rising. My mother’s silver car flashed its lights, and mom opened the door of the car. I put the travel cage with my pokemon on the back seat strapped with the seat belts, and my messenger bag on the other back seat. I sat on the right, front seat and put the seat belt on. My mother started the engine and started to go to Olivine City. As my mother drove, I looked upon the road as the various trees and passing cars went by. I felt groggy from not having sleep and fell asleep in the car.

I was dreaming of a land with floating marshmallows, dancing double rainbows, and flying penguins. I devoured some of the marshmallows as they screamed with fear. The flying penguins were bumping into each other while singing off-key. My swablu, pidgey, and starly suddenly appeared and were talking to me. My starly was bragging about how fast he was, my pidgey had a stotic face as usual, and my swablu was singing with the flying penguins.Suddenly, a volcano erupted, and a large rock landed on me.

I finally woke up and checked my surroundings. I was in my mother’s car at Olivine City in a parking lot near a dock at the beach. I am going to remind myself to not eat sugary food before bed since I had that crazy dream. My mother turned around to look at me and said,” Oh, Jay, you’re awake, get your stuff ready and go to the boat.”

I replied, “Thanks mom. Bye, I’ll see you soon.”

“Farewell my little bumpkin, “my mother replied as she kissed my cheek, and gave me the ticket to ride on the boat.

I took the ticket, and carried my stuff and my pokemon to the boat. I gave my ticket to the captain, and entered the boat. “VROOOOMMMM,”the boat roared sigaling that the boat was about to leave the dock. A few minutes later, the boat left for Oak Island, where the Pokemon Trainer Academy was. I took his pokemon out of their travel cage. The starly flew to on top of my head again, and looked as he was happy to be the king of the world again. My swablu and my pidgey were on my left shoulder, chirping about something. Wingulls and other boats passed by. Oh yes, I forgot to tell you the names of my pokemon. The starly is Nalafari, the pidgey is Samuel,and the swablu was Emil. They had been my best pokemon friends ever since I was a young child.

A few hours later, I could see Oak Island coming up on the horizon of the ocean. I wondered what adventures we would have there. Well, wish me goodluck as I’m going to the Pokemon Trainer Academy.
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