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    Aipom had been training hard. It's speed of charging up and striking multiple decently strong Focus Punches has increased and it's dodging and strikes with Acrobatics made it alot faster and able to land attacks more accurately. Aipom was panting heavily as it decided to train using Swift. However after the amount of Focus Punches and Acrobatic Strikes the log took the vine was tearing and was ready to snap. He took his tail and began swinging it at a fast speed building up the golden magic. It shot a giant star at the log blasting it up high in the sky. Aipom shot another star horizontally and hopped on it and rode it up into the sky after the log. Once airborne Aipom began shooting a volley of Stars to play keepy ups with the piece of wood.

    Meanwhile, Heracross was slowly making it's progress with the laps as it finished walking with the log. Heracross didn't want to run with the heavy log. He seen Aipom up in the air volleying it's log so Heracross seemed interested to join too. It stood back and planted it's feet firmly on the ground. 1 swing. 2 swings. And after 3 powerful swings Heracross launches the log up at Aipom. Aipom notices the log hurdling towards him and it's own log coming back so with two powerful Focus Punches Aipom shoots them back, and Heracross hits them back with a powerful Horn Attack before they hit the ground. Back and forth, Lucas was proud of how strong his Pokemon were getting, even after the beatings they both had earlier.
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