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Jimmy Hill & Xavier Coolidge

The sandstorm had died down, the area around them revealed itself once more. The sight among them initially brought horror to the boys' eyes. There were still a multitude of zombies, sluggishly making their way towards the boys' barrier. On a second scan of their surroundings, Xavier realized that they numbers of zombie had been significantly lowered by the sandstorm.

"Jimmy, turn down the barrier, we can take on the rest of em."

"You sure?" Jimmy took his own scan of the area, Xavier was right. Less than half of the zombies remained. He nodded, looking over to Loco. "Hey, Loco, you can tu-"


"What is it this time?" Jimmy glanced over at Xavier, his voice harboring a rare tint of impatience. Xavier was far too engrossed in whatever was happening in front of him to pay any attention to Jimmy's question. Jimmy took the cue, and turned to see what was taking so much of Xavier's attention.

"What in..." Jimmy was dumbfounded. The zombies had turned their backs to the boys and were now making their way back from where they came. As they finally vanished from sight, the boys exchanged perplexed looks. They weren't sure if this was some sort of trick or diversion, so they kept up the barrier. Their suspicions were almost fulfilled as a human like figure landed from the sky, looking like it had just descended from a long, long drop. Jimmy squinted his eyes, attempting to get a better look. It was a Hitmonlee, a red Hitmonlee, a red Hitmonlee with a green bandana tied to it's arm? And it was, from what they could see, talking to itself and doing it's best job to destroy the natural environment. Mad would probably be an understatement, the boys decided it would be safest to stay inside their little sphere. The Hitmonlee appeared to notice them, and then it yelled from the top of its lung.

"COME OUT!" From inside the sphere, the words were muffled, but the boys were up to make it out. Loco lowered the barrier on Jimmy's command as they returned their pokemon. Wait a second... Did this Hitmonlee just speak? As if reading their minds, the Hitmonlee raised his hand.

"If this is your first time to Lethia, know all of this leagues pokemon officers can talk. I'm here to keep the peace and keep you from getting killed to the best of my ability. You can't count on us to come by to save you all the time."

Xavier was pretty much at a lost for words, "Prof. X" over here had been through a lot, he definitely didn't expect his first encounter on the island to lead him to a near death experience. And now he was face to face with a talking pokemon! What else was next, flying Dodrio?

Jimmy was pretty astonished as well, but he decided not to question it. "Thanks for saving us and all." Honestly, Jimmy thought they could've taken the rest of them. Then again, they'd probably just revive themselves with another goddamn whistle. The whistle... How exactly did it do that anyways? Jimmy had a few other questions too, he figured this talking pokemon was his best source of information.

"If you don't mind, I have a few questions for you, disregarding your speech abilities. Who, where the hell did that whistling keep coming from!? Every time we heard it, those zombies just shot back up, as if nothing happened. And were those zombies, trainers, like us?"
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