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I have been out of the Pokemon loop since Diamond/Pearl, and decided to pick up the latest variant today, Pokemon White 2. Was rather difficult, since I really wasn't aware of the differences, but I had been wanting to get back into Pokemon for a while, and thought I'd leave it to the dice to decide. (I may end up getting Black 2 at a later time. :D )

What better time to join a pokemon community than now?

My name is Aria(na), I started Pokemon back when it was just red and blue. I'm 27, female, and a major of biology. I've always found games to be a nice way to spend my free time when not studying. x3

Hopefully I'll get to know people and potentially participate in online battles and trading. I look forwarding to meeting you all. :D I got some "re-learning" to do while I play through White 2.

have fun~ :3

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