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    I dunno about having battles being more like the anime. I always felt like the anime was so. . . conveniently written, if that makes sense. But then, I feel like a lot of combat-based anime where special powers are involved were always kind of conveniently written so the plot could progress in a certain way (Yu-Gi-Oh being the biggest offender of this ever). I mean, sure, it's the writers' decision as to how their characters make progress toward their ultimate goal, but sometimes it's always done in a way that makes it much too obvious that the writer has clearly applied some degree of a deus ex machina so that their protagonist/antagonist suddenly has the upper hand. (Thunder Armor, anyone?)

    It's like how Ash can be losing to a tough Pokemon, not getting a single hit in, and suddenly his Pokemon will use one attack that would otherwise normally not do much damage to the opponent, and instantly knock it out. Also, things like Ghost attacks hitting Normal-types and Will-O-Wisp being an actual attack are all done for the sake of the plot. Contest battles in the anime were always a major offender of this; like one good dodge can cause someone to lose a lot of points, and yet a really good combo attack by the opponent would cause May/Dawn to lose a minuscule amount of points when she's already so close to losing all her points anyway. And let's be honest, dodging attacks should be second nature to a Pokemon, as it is in the games; they shouldn't be so dumb as to wait for the Trainer to tell them to dodge in the first place. =P

    Anime plot mechanics aside, the game works the way it does for the sake of being a strategy game, and having super-effective attacks is no different to how other RPGs have elemental magic systems where certain monsters are vulnerable/resistant/immune to certain spells. And BW already pretty much confirmed that attacks miss because the Pokemon dodged them.
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