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    Maxwell Leggingsteele
    Academy Grounds

    Was this guy for reals? Maxwell glanced at Aaron who managed to crack a joke after being hit by a freaking blast of water the size of Mt. Silver. A good joke is a good joke, but the one this guy just cracked wasn't even funny. To be honest it was more sad than anything. In any case, the older man seemed to take matter into his own hands by sending out a Feraligatr and letting it carry the guy. Maxwell looked at the giant, blue crocodile for a second, it was truly fearsome and judging by its big teeth, it probably had no problem with living up to its name. But it seemed like he wanted to get to the ER. Luckily, it was inside the PokéCenter according to Maxwell's map, you know, for convinience.

    So Maxwell started moving towards the red-roofed building while proclaiming "This way!". He gripped Genevieve's hand and pulled her closer to him so that she was within whispering-range. He then opened his mouth and let the following words come out;

    "Don't worry, we'll get this over with fast. Then we can go amd fix that balloon."

    Hugin just hopped up on Maxwell's head as they moved towards the PokéCenter. The crow had observed the Lucario crying, but didn't think much of it rather than the fact that the Pokémon obviously had a close bond with his Trainer. For I mean, come on. The only other reason it would be crying would probably be because of the fact that the kid was some kind of rich personnwho provided EVERYTHING for the Lucario, possibly even women. But that was highly unlikely since Hugin couldn't imagine such a... "Casual" looking boy to be wealthy.

    "And we're here." Maxwell's voice rung out as the party arrived outside of the PokéCenter.
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