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Spark looked at the book in awe, "Hey there aren't any words in here, just that weird thing, what is that?" She looked at it, and then asked, "What is a pokespirit? Is that some kind of game?" She looked at Kalie, "Do you know what a pokespirit is?"

Kalie stood up like she was a teacher, "A pokespirit is the spirit of a dead pokemon, given to children at the mountain. All of them must follow laws made by Arceus. My mom told me all about it before she died!"

Spark thought for a moment, "Would the lightning girl be one?"

"Yea she would."

"And Aria?"

"Yep I think she would be."

"What about me?"

Kalie was surprised, surely this girl would know if she did, "Well... uh... no I guess not, If we go to the mountain we can get one."

Kalie looked at the boy, "Do you want to go?"

Spark livened up, "Yeah lets go on an adventure!"
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