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    Name: Izzy SkittyBot
    Age: 14
    Background: Izzy was the youngest in a family of eight. She had two other identical sisters, Jane and Mary, not to mention the triplet brothers, all age sixteen, and the seventeen-year-old twins. Izzy's group were fourteen years old. The family lived in a 7 bedroom house with a pool in the lush, foresty backyard. At age twelve they had been given Pokemon, as was the tradition in the family. Izzy had selected a shiny Eevee, while Jane got a Totodile and Mary picked a Chikorita. Now, two years later, she had a powerful Eevee by her side, as they searched for the mythical Ghostly stone, to evolve her Eevee into a ghost-type evolution.
    Personality: Kind, shy, but her Eevee has brought the wild side out of her.
    Pokemon Type: Ghost
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