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    As the two asked questions, the red Hitmonlee held his hand against his head. "We have no idea where the whistling is coming from. All we know is that when it happens, we hunt for the source and when we triangulate it. It dies off and moves towards a new location. From our intel, whatever is causing the whistle could be a pokemon or a trainer issuing orders through their pokemon since our target continues to move time after time. We put that high reward job out, hoping for survivors to give us some detailed information or if anyone saw anything suspicious." He took a few steps back to look around on the ground for footprints. "Your second question is yes, they are trainers, but not zombies. Whatever is going on, they're minds have probably been heavily tampered with to resist and survive heavy attacks from humans and pokemon alike or have had protect cast on them before being sent out." The hitmonlee locates a few footprints, leading off into the woods as he looks back at the boys. "2 nights ago, we lost 76 trainers, disappeared, last night was 81, I'll have to check the numbers tonight of all the trainers in the forest to get a rough estimate on how big this army of them has grown... If I find them this time." He walks off into the direction of the footprints and looks back at them. "This job's reward is still up for grabs, if you want to claim it, I suggest you get moving before the officers find it first." He waves goodbye to the two as he walks off.

    -Hotel of HORRORS-
    The Elevator came down and down, rolling onto the floor with a silent *ding*The moment the doors open, the elevators compartment snapped loose of its tether and falls 5 feet into the concrete. A howl of laughter fills the hotel halls as the lights go out throughout each hall. Shadoan looked around and kept his wits about him as He heard the chuckling laughter throughout the hollowed halls. The various paintings on the walls began to change their own appearance from a humble Chester to a little girl that pointed at Shadoan saying "Failure! Failure!" Shadoan's eyebrows furrowed as he tore the painting off the wall and tossed it across the room. Only to have it float and stick itself towards the opposite wall. "What the?!.." Outside, near the two shipping lovebirds, the waterhose coiled against the wall turned on, splashing Kiba, Mello, Avaith and Flare as giggles were heard in the walls.

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