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    Rina Arias______Standing Grace

    Rina had arrived to Lethia at midnight by boat. Rina stepped down from the boat onto the docks with her pokemon. The night sky was black velvet, and the full moon was a predator’s eye wide opened without a pupil. Howls could be heard far off in the distance. Rina had a feeling that there is something wrong. There were no other trainers that were not on the boat to be seen currently on Lethia. The place felt like as if Mother Nature put all her seeds into the land and instead of blooming flowers, the seeds were turned into sharp thorns.

    Rina was afraid, she was afraid of the land and its aura. She wanted to go back home. Rina gestured to her pokemon to follow her to go back to the boat, but the boat had already started leaving. Rina yelled to the boat,“Wait! This has to be a horrible mistake! Please come back!” However, the boat continued going far away into the horizon.

    “W-what should we do now? W-we’re doomed,” Rina told to her pokemon. Nalafari the staravia stepped over to Rina, and spread his wings out as if he was a knight protecting his people. Emil the altaria cuddled Rina by the leg to comfort Rina, but Emil was also scared as shown by her slight shivers. Samuel the pidgeotto stood next to Rina, and looked as if he was deep in thought, possibly planning something.

    Within Rina’s thoughts, Rina hoped for the best for her pokemon and herself.

    Samuel,Nalafari, and Emil

    Emil cuddled behind Rina while Emil had shivers of fear. The altaria spoke, “Sammy, Nals. I’m scared.”

    “Don’t worry, I’ll protect you guys. If something goes wrong, I’ll be sure to never let you guys down!,” said Nalafari with a confident grin as he moved over to the front of his team to spread his wings to protect his team.

    “Nalafari, it may not be wise to put yourself in danger. Youwould most likely become dead if you rush into attacks. Careful planning,patience, and organization before acting is the best possible way currently in this situation. In fact, I am currently working on a plan,” said Samuel, “Emil,it will be alright. I promise you with my careful planning; we should be able to avoid most obstacles.”

    Emil slightly smiled and whispered to Nalafari and Samuel, “Thank you Sammy and Nals. While I like that you guys are protecting me, please don’t get hurt. Since you guys are protecting me, I’ll protect you guys back because that is what friends are for.”

    Nalafari told Emil, “Thanks Emi you’re the---“

    “Awhoooo” ,another howl had erupted in the air.

    Samuel commanded his teammates, “Everyone! Get ready!”
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