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Day 4:
Got to Ecruteak, using the squirtbottle
Defeated rival in burned tower
Bob IV evolved into Feraligatr
Defeated Morty using Bite (4-0)
Went back to Union Cave and caught a Goldeen named Unicorn
Got to Olvine city and received the old rod
Fought through to Lighthouse to Jasmine
Caught a Staryu named Laserbeam

Day 5:
Trained Laserbeam and Unicorn each to level 28
Went to Cianwood to get Medicine
While there, defeated Chuck (5-0)
Came back to Olvine and delivered medicine
Trained WBFS up a level to learn Earthquake
Defeated all of Jasmine’s Pokemon with earthquake (6-0)


Bob IV the level 32 Feraligatr - Star Player
-Rock Smash
-Water Gun

WBFS the level 22 Quagsire - Mascot

Unicorn the level 29 Goldeen
-Horn Attack

Laserbeam the level 28 Staryu
-Rapid Spin
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Current Challenges:

On Hold: (Don't have X/Y)
Water UMC (FR/C/S/D/W)
Dragon UMC (FR/SS/S/P/W)

Complete Challenges:
Squirtle->Wartortle->Blastoise Solo Run (FR)
Flying Monotype (FR)