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    Originally Posted by Master_Z View Post
    Disappointing. I'm 4 badges in and it's exactly like Black/White 1. Big deal, there's a new Plasma group and old Pokemon are in the wild. Does that justify paying $35 when there are rom hacks with features that we wanted already? And the world tournament is a joke solely because it's 3 on 3 instead of a full battle. I don't know what happened to Game Freak. After second-third gen, they really fell apart.
    Yes. Plus all the small things. The medals are cool. The whole Habitat pokedex thing is cool. You can call Bianca and she can tell you how much a pokemon likes you. The old pokemon is a HUUUUUUUUUUGE thing. Old legends. Shiny dragons.

    Plus im not even that far into the game. So i dont know what other surprises i might find.

    Seriously, im only at the second badge(after 6 hours), and i am loving it so far. The pokestar studio has delayed me, which is weird since i never find the side things all that fun.
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