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    Originally Posted by RichterSnipes View Post
    Hey there! It's great to see there's interest in implementing my GB Player into FireRed hacks other than my own. What you're planning to do with this hacks seems quite ambitious on its own, even if it dwarfed in comparison to what you have plans for with DarkCopper. You seem to be putting tons of effort into it, especially with the de-capitalization, trainer Pokémon lineup, and move changing efforts. Overall, I really commend you for your work on this hack thus far!

    If you want to circumvent any bugs with the GB Player or have higher-quality tracks, it might be a good idea to bring it up to my version 3.0 release. No use in keeping an outdated version lingering around in any capacity! I can help you with updating that if you need it.

    Here's some helpful advice: only include the day/night patch in the hack yourself if you plan on implementing time-based events. If you don't, people might accuse you of including a feature just for the sake of including it. That's the reason why I've never used it. If people want it, they can just patch it in on their own, it's not hard at all to do.
    If you're going the route of "de-censoring" the Gamers/Gamblers, make sure to change their message boxes, too. For example, one of them has the pre-battle message: "I'm a ramblin', gamin' dude!' when it should be "I'm a ramblin', gamblin' dude!"
    You do know that you can just disable the "HELP" menu in the Options menu, right? Just set the L/R function to something else.
    I'm excited to see what you have in mind for event battles! I always appreciate people putting in the extra effort to make legendaries have one-off battles. Don't forget to have the game to setflags for both 0x84A and 0x84B for the tickets.I'm actually a fan of the HG/SS sprites. Their high attention to detail and stylish poses make them quite memorable. They also tend to do so without sacrificing faithfulness to the original/canon art (save for Sabrina, of course).

    That Green/Leaf sprite, though...I'm sure you're aware of what's up with it, too. Just tell me that it's not final.
    That new "conversation" with the old man looks hilarious! Is that how it actually was in the Japanese release?

    Just to let you know, please don't give me any credit whatsoever for the trainer facing fix. That was all Jambo51's work, all I did was include it in my hack.

    I hope you have success with this side-project and that it re-invigorates your hacking skills enough to make DarkCopper what you always wanted it to be!
    Yeah, I went and made the Leaf sprite less fat, I knew something looked off; but, since I'm still in the state of changing things, I left it there for the time being. The new one has the same pose, base, but, I made it look more correct. Plus, trying to create a new Leaf/Green sprite is a challenge for me. Yeah, I'll update the credits to add Jambo (after this post), and anyone else in the future. Yeah, I'll make a copy of my ROM and test how the new patch of yours would affect it (for the most part I haven't copied my ROM since I haven't done anything yet that could break the game and I've learned from my previous attempt of DarkCopper (it's back on FireRed and I've had it on my computer for over a year, I've just been really lazy with that, in all honesty, I could have been done with it by now, haha.). It should work, but, just in case it would revert the de-cap, graphics, etc. So, if that doesn't work, I'll just directly ask you for help!

    I know you disable the Help menu via the Options menu, but, I wanna get rid of it completely. It's pointless in this hack and I don't wanna have to de-capitalize something I don't even want in the hack, haha.

    The Old Man story is more of 'my guess', I was never able to get a straightforward translation, so I went with a bunch a different translators pick out which parts made sense in each one (I even looked at the crappily translated Green, where Pokémon are called PETs, you could call it the Vietnamese Green since it's done in the same style as the infamous Crystal one, but, I checked that one since that was one of the parts that actually looked like it could pass for decent English.) and the final part, my limited amount of Japanese. I can read Katakana and Hiragana easily (but, I can't translate Hiragana), so I could tell you what it says in Japanese, but, I couldn't tell you the English translation, unless I specifically knew the word. Luckily, one of the sentences was easy to translate. I saw Washi and Hanashi in the line about the Eagle. Washi = Eagle, Hanashi = Story, and then there was the 'no' in the sentence which holds it together.

    The Gambler's dialouge was already changed, that was one of the things that I remembered getting censored. The Pokémon Tower is back to its Red/Blue dialouge. I changed the Cinnabar Mansion dialouge to change pronouns to how they were in the Japanese version. There wasn't a team behind Mewtwo, in the Japanese version Mr. Fuji is the only one implied to work on Mewtwo. In Emerald the same rings true on Faraway Island, at the sign there's a message written. In the English version they got rid of the part that implies Mr. Fuji wrote it. In Japanese at the end of the message on its own line it has ...ji. Written without anything before it. The whole message is faded in both. So, parts of words are throughout the whole sign.

    This helped a lot on the not so obvious changes:

    And thanks for the info about the flags for legendary battles! I'm not too great at scripting, but, for this project, I'm lucky that I only need limited knowledge, and I'm not gonna include day and night in that case. I have no time based events planned.

    Originally Posted by PokemonGiratinaX View Post
    This is the best FireRed sideshow hack I've seen! Anyway, Green's Trainer is weired. She look's FAT.
    Thanks, and yeah, I noticed after both you guys pointed it out! Haha! I knew something looked off originally. If it still looks too off, I'll ask someone else to take a shot at the sprite. They should have included her in HG/SS or B2/W2, that would've made my editing a lot easier, haha.

    Here's the change I made to Leaf/Green:
    Hacks I'm currently working on (at a super slow pace):

    Chinpokomon Big/Small (would leave the titles, but apparently exceeded sig limit)

    Check my Japanese inspired Logo edits for Gens 1-7!:
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