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Originally Posted by AlexOzzyCake View Post
Hi, welcome to the club! May I ask why you chose Lucario and Scizor as your partners? :o
Their design it's cool and sexy. Yeah, I said it, sexy! :D lol
I like a lot edgy and aggressive design, so they're my favorites in the steel type category.

Originally Posted by AlexOzzyCake View Post
And you must have a favourite Steel type legendary! It's just the one that you hate less than all the others :D How about Jirachi, do you like that? Or Dialga?
Jirachi is not bad.. but the "PKMNtrainer girl liking the cute Pokemon" it's just too cliché, so.. no. ;
...I'll say Dialga, then

Originally Posted by AlexOzzyCake View Post
As for not liking Heatran's design, I kinda love it myself so it'd be awesome if you explained why you don't like it and maybe you'll be able to show us something we haven't seen before xD
Okay, I'll go.
He's a fire/steel type a good contradiction, so he has less types to be weaker to, but ground types will always win against him. This is appealing, but it lacks in appearance. Appearance AND power matter to me, I won't chose a pokemon if it lacks in one of these and so I wouldn't chose Heatran.
...Talking about its appearance... I don't like the whole design, teeth, eyes that "helmet" or "horns", as you prefer and colors.
Don't ask me how I would re-design him, because it would be a long description to write, but one of the first things I would do it's "slenderize" it :D lol