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So the answers for the quiz:

1. Which Eeveelution has 130 Defense? Leafeon
2. What is Vaporeon's species clarification? Bubble Jet Pokemon
3. How many Eeveelution learn Bite by level up? 2 or 3 (Depending on Black 2/White 2)
4. With the release of Black and White 2, at which level is the last move that an Eeveelution can learn? LVL 45
5. Which Eeveelution is known as verdant pokemon? Leafeon
6. At which level the Eeveelution learns Last Resort in D/P. LVL 50
7. Which Eeveelution's pokedex entry mentions a temperature? Flareon
8. To get Eevee in Mystery Dungeon EOS/T/D, what should be the gender of the player? Female
9. Name the two Physical Fire Type moves that Flareon can learn. Fire Fang and Flame Charge
10. Which is the heaviest Eeveelution? Vaporeon
11. Which two Eeveelution can't be accessed in Heartgold and Soulsilver without trading? Glaceon and Leafeon
12. Name two Eeveelution with 130 Special Attack. Glaceon and Espeon
13. Which Eeveelution has sensitive fur or hair in its body? Espeon or Flareon
14. Which Eeveelution can learn Mean Look? Umbreon
15. Which Eeveelution is the only one without tail? Jolteon

And for the winners:

At second place there is ______ with 7 points.


And the winner for our quiz has got 13.5 points.


Congrats to you both. And the left participant- Midnightshine has got 6.5 points.

New Topic to Discuss:

If you were to create a new Eeveelution, what should be its type and name?

Let me answer this:

I would create a ghost type Eeveelution because it would be fun to have a such type of Eeveelution. Its name should be Ghosteon.
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