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    I haven't seen this posted anywhere, so I'll just ask: how do you find the X,Y coordinates for HG/SS to put into PPRE?

    When I open it, and look at the events, they all take the coordinates from very small units of space. i.e. x-693,y-392

    And anything I've used to find the coordinates like say, map editors, it always treats the coordinates as 1 per tile, so I get x-12,y-8.

    So when I want to add a Pokemon to interact with into HG, what do I do for it's coordinates? (I know the rest, just not this!)

    Okay, update. Through trial and error I found the coordinates are still done as 1 per tile in PPRE and the actual ROM, I had my new overworld appear (y-3) under another sprite and it did just that. But why are the numbers so big, like 600/400? My conclusion is they probably start at a number much higher than 0, because I doubt it's taken from every tile in the game for every coordinate.