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    Originally Posted by Uzigunner View Post
    Sorry for bothering u again man, but I have another request, once u release the 2nd beta, could u please a seperate document on how to evolve certain pokes that need to be traded to evolve like Gurdurr to Conkeldur, Magmar to Magmortar and other pokes like Electabuzz and Gallade since it needs Dawn Stone to evolve. And as for Electivire I suggest that u should raise it's sp attack a bit since the physical/special split is not there and let's face it, without good physical thunder type moves it is not that useful. BTW what do u think about Smurott being changed to a part fighting type, but still hope u read this cus this is also important.
    All Pokemon types will be the same as they are in the original games. Electivire does suffer because the physical/special split is absent, but he has good physical moves as well such as Brick Break and Earthquake. You're just gonna have to adapt to a new way of using certain Pokemon. About the document, download the program that I suggested before called YAPE. It'll let you view statistics of each Pokemon in the hack, including how they evolve.